Pitch This: Winter Story Angles

Wondering how to get editors’ attentions this month?

Journalists are always trying to write relevant stories for the season, and the beginning of November is a great time to prepare your brand for winter stories, get into online or broadcast Christmas gift guides, and be promoted for New Year’s Eve and 2018.

Here’s my guide to utilizing the season and getting media coverage (by category):

If you are a makeup or skincare brand:

Are any of your products deep conditioning or moisturizing? Pitch them to beauty (women) and grooming (men) editors as perfect products for protecting winter skin.

What lip colors or eyeshadows do you recommend for making an entrance on New Year’s Day? Pitch them to beauty editors as the perfect New Year’s makeup look (make sure you have an example photo!).

Are any of your products perfect last-minute gifts? Depending on their price point, they can be pitched as stocking stuffers, gifts under $100, gifts for your boyfriend/girlfriend, mom/dad, or luxury gifts for the [insert personality-type here]. Remember, gift guides close early and require emails to the designated Gift Guide Editor (call the publication if you’re unsure of who this is).

If you're selling consumer tech:

Pitching your newest products is always best for ensuring coverage, but if you have an essential evergreen product that is perfect for the season or hasn’t been covered by an outlet in the last few months, it’s worth giving it another go.

For gift guides

If you are a travel brand:

Travel editors are always looking for last minute deals, the latest winter beach getaways and winter wonderlands. But you can think beyond this need and offer your hotels, tours and destinations as magical places to be on Christmas Day, the best New Year’s Day celebrations in the world, the best-kept secret of Winter holiday travelers, and more.

If you’re an event planner:

Wedding outlets often feature winter weddings – dazzle them with great photos and unique themes. What’s truly unique about this winter wedding?

If you’re a startup:

What are the things your founder has learned from this year? Is there advice you can share, looking back at the last year? What do you suggest other entrepeneurs do at the end of one year and at the start of another?

If you’re a social good business:

Do you have a product that benefits a cause with every purchase? Think about the perfect gift recipient, and pitch your product as ‘gifts you can feel good about’ or ‘gifts for the idealist.’ Like the makeup or skincare brand, depending on the price point, your product can also be pitched as stocking stuffers, gifts under $100, etc. Again, gift guides close early and require emails to the designated Gift Guide Editor (call the publication if you’re unsure of who this is).

If you’re a non-profit:

Tell editors why, instead of buying gifts this year, they should donate to a cause or buy gifts for a family in need. Is there a specific spokesperson (celebrity or politician) that has donated to your cause this year?

As always, if an editor doesn’t respond..

Keep calm and email on.

Follow up every couple of days, and if the pitch has failed, try, try again with another story angle.

Remember to read a publication before pitching it, be concise and pitch to the right person. That’s the best way to ensure coverage today and for years to come!

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